Change Your Life One Bite at a Time
An Inspirational Journey of Reinvention to a Sustainable, Healthy Lifestyle

Author: Toni Giuliani-Apgar, BA,
Lifestyle Coach, Certified Nutrition Coach
NASM CPT, Figure Competitor
and Mom of Four

The only sustainable lifestyle and meal solution with attitude!

In this book you will find:
An Inspirational Story of Reinvention by the Author
 A Lifestyle Assessment
 Tools to Make Healthy Foods your New Convenience Foods
 How to Overcome Societal Expectations, Misinformation and Fast Food InFATuation
Over 50 Delicious, Nutritious and Simple Meal Solutions
 10 Quick Tips for Healthy, Clean Eating
 How to Convert Your Favorite Recipe from Mean to Clean!
Complete Nutrient Breakdown for Each Recipe
 How to Eat Healthy While On-the-Go
 325 Calorie Meal Template
Success Stories from Real People Like You
 The Official Eight Week “BITE ME!” Challenge

BITE ME! e-book
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Food items are broken down into main categories, such as Lean Proteins, Fruits, Vegetables, Grains, Baking Items and Healthy Fats. Also noted are sources for specialty items.

This download is available in an Excel file, so you can customize it to your own needs, add items you regularly purchase and delete those you don't.