Lifestyle Coaching

Most likely you’ve tried every diet with varying levels of success, and are at the point where you feel like you could use some help. You may know what to do, but actually implementing it may be a challenge. Or perhaps you are doing all the things you think you need to do but you’re not getting the desired outcome. Diets usually don't work and are promoted by companies with biases. Lifestyle coaching teaches YOU how to make choices that are in your best interest and more importantly are SUSTAINABLE.

After having children, running a full-time business, surviving medical issues, and in my 50’s, I understand the stress of striving to maintain that difficult balance between work life with family priorities, and managing medical issues while optimizing your health.

As we age, being proactive about our health and staving off potential disease is only to our benefit. Most of us wait until we get a wake-up call, at which point your health may be compromised, hindsight kicks in and you wish you had taken better care of yourself. Many issues are preventable. So where do you start?

Coaching Sessions
Ongoing coaching sessions are imperative to help work toward your goals, until the lifestyle modifications become routine. Sometimes this occurs relatively quickly, and sometimes it can take several months. In person sessions are available, as well as email, phone and small group sessions.

Client Intake Session (1 ½ hours)
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Ongoing One-on-One Sessions
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Package of Four One Hour Sessions
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Six Week Challenge Program - Group coaching sessions held weekly (1 ½ hrs each)
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