Lifestyle Coaching


To feel well. To be proud of how you look. To have ample energy to get through your day. And to be healthy on the inside so it reflects luminously on the outside.

We’re here to help. Over the years we’ve empowered thousands of people to make incremental lifestyle changes in a way that is sustainable for the rest of their lives. We work with you closely to help you--not only reach your goals--but sustain them. Every person is different so each strategy must be designed to fit the uniqueness of YOU. Whether you’re goal is to lose weight, increase your metabolism or to reduce or eliminate medications, we’ll set you on a track individually paced for success.

Our programs are flexible and we offer customized packages to meet your goals and budgetary constraints. Private coaching sessions, group sessions, telephone and Skype sessions are all available, as well as on-site campus corporate challenges!

*Call to schedule your complimentary 30 minute consultation--Let’s talk about how to achieve that level of wholesome vitality you deserve.

*For new clients only

Client Intake Session (1 hours) $150
Ongoing One-on-One Sessions $125
Package of Four One Hour Sessions $425
Six Week Challenge Program Group coaching sessions held weekly (1 hrs each) $550


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