Finding lean protein that is also convenient is a challenge. It is so easy to reach for a carb, like a bagel, muffin or a fistful of Cheetos, but we all know those foods aren’t good for our health. And they certainly don’t contribute to a lean body, a clear mind or energy to power through the day.

It’s a complete meal, boasting 18 grams of protein, which is what most of us need every morning.*

Each meal has is the right balance of lean protein, complex carbohydrates and healthy fats: 20 | 60 | 20.

This perfect ratio of macronutrients metabolize slowly, stabilizing blood sugar and providing hours of satiety for sustained energy.

Sustained energy has many benefits! You can power through your workouts, and use it as a baseline for competitive sports without getting hungry. If it’s weight loss or weight management you’re after, that same satiety can be used to keep you feeling satisfied for hours. You’ll naturally want to eat a little less, and experience fewer cravings.


Just one meal has the amount of macronutrients equivalent to the foods below — at a fraction of the calories and cost!

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It is not to be confused with oatmeal.

Frankly, it’s far from it! Conventional oatmeal and other hot cereals have around 3 grams of protein, only 1/6th of what TONI’s provides per serving.

You may add fruit and nuts to plain oats or other oatmeal brands, but you may still fall far short of the protein your body needs each day.


Every TONI’S meal is a complete meal, and has wholesome, superfood ingredients:

  • 24 grams of whole rolled oats
  • The most bio-available proteins from whey and egg whites
  • Ground flax with Omega 3’s to boost your anti-inflammatory response
  • A variety of ingredients to make each meal deliciously unique!

Toni personally searched the continent to find the best tasting,
freshest and healthiest ingredients.

Fresh ingredients from local sources was the first priority, but we did make an exception or two.
For example, the blueberries are from the northeast because they are the tastiest!

As a nutrition coach, Toni feels strongly that sugar sets us up for inflammation, disease, and weight issues. Sugar also throws off your pH balance and throws you into an acidic state. She created her hot protein meals with one solution in mind: to create the most delicious, balanced and healthy meal solution without added sugars so your blood sugar remains stable for several hours.

Most of the flavors include the perfect amounts of natural sweeteners. Monkfruit extract, stevia and erythritol don’t add calories or negatively affect your blood sugar. Your levels will remain stable for several hours, instead of the spike you’ll receive when eating foods with added sugar. The sugars you’ll see on the label are almost exclusively from the fruit, with minimal exception. For example, when fruit growers dry their cranberries they may add 1 gram or less, and there is 1 gram in the cacao chips in the Tart Cherry Chocolate Almond flavor.


All you need to do is add boiling water to your meal and it cooks in the cup in just a few minutes. The whole oats are rolled to just the right thickness to cook quickly, unlike steel cut oats. The difference between the two is that steel cut oats are cut into diagonal pieces, whereas whole rolled oats are rolled flat. They are also lightly steamed and remain nutritionally equivalent to steel cut. We do not use instant oats, which are rolled, shaved and steamed, and put through rigorous processing that compromises nutrition. Our oats are “just right.” They will give you a good source of fiber, whole grains and the perfect texture!

All TONI’S foods are made by hand and packaged in an immaculate commercial kitchen in Morgan Hill, CA, and not a factory or shared mill.

high performance meals
for high-performance lives

This is for everyone! It is sustainable energy on the field, fuel for your brain at school or at the office.
It is the perfect, balanced, hot meal for a family breakfast or on the go!

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