Sacred Eating — 8 Week Private Experience


Sacred Eating — 8 Week Private Experience

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Work with Toni directly in a private, one-one-one setting either in person or virtually for a total of eight, one-hour sessions.

Her program, Sacred Eating, is a healthy, natural way of life that offers a holistic combination of mind-body-spirit integration, interweaving science-backed research with ancient wisdom teachings–incorporating powerful techniques including energy work and meditations with evidence-based findings.

Toni creates a safe space with your best interests at heart. The agenda will be defined, but completely customized to your specific needs and intentions. You will be introduced to Toni’s 3-2-1 template way of eating for blood sugar stabilization and weight loss or maintenance. This template can accomodate any dietary preference.

Included are meditations and energy healing techniques for stress reduction, to improve quality of life, sleep and overall health and well-being.


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