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Ironman Triathlete

As an Ironman triathlete and marathoner, I need an easy to pack, fast meal with REAL ingredients that has lasting effect. I have tried 3 flavors, all are delicious – with real and plentiful ingredients like berries and nuts so there is good texture and no need to add more. This product really goes a long way! A little truly does have lasting endurance. So, it meets all my picky quick meal needs for long training days, and any day I’m on the go! Flavor wise, I can’t pick just one, so I have variety and keep three stocked at all times!

A Busy Mom

As a busy mom of two high school athletes, I’m always looking for quick, healthy and flavorful food choices for our family. I start every morning with a “Toni’s Protein Meal”. It tastes great, and keeps me satisfied through my busy morning. My daughter is a swimmer and she takes them to swim meets for a great alternative to the less healthy breakfast options. My kitchen is never without Toni’s, especially my favorite flavor – Coconut Blueberry!

Diane S

I take fitness very seriously and my nutrition is an essential component of being the very best version that I can be. TONI’S High-Performance Protein Meals have been a part of my healthy eating plan for almost two years. Packed with protein and healthy carbohydrates to help my body be prepared for rigorous training or recovery following long training sessions has become a regular addition to my routine! This complete meal keeps me fueled and full for hours!
I love that I just add water, heat and I have a perfect meal in hand that tastes absolutely amazing. It is so important to make sure that I eat clean yet ensure I have enough energy to fuel my training program and this protein packed food is just the ticket! I am often asked what my favorite flavor is and I can honestly say that I LOVE them all! Tasty, crunchy, sweet, savory, just too hard to choose a particular flavor! I do love the Tart Cherry Chocolate-Almond if I had to recommend just one flavor.
My favorite thing about TONI’S protein packed pouches is that they are travel friendly. I always make sure I pack a pouch or two of this amazing product as it takes very little room and guarantees me a quickly and healthy meal that is incredibly delicious!

Jason G

Out of all the food we buy for our office, TONI’s Hot Protein Meals are an employee favorite. Not only do we all like the taste, we appreciate the nutritional content. It’s easy to grab a bagel or a muffin, but we need protein and that’s hard to find. TONI’s keeps our team full of energy while giving them something healthy, quick and fast to eat.

Lisa W

As a busy mom of three, I don’t always have time to grab a healthy protein packed meal. Most days, the school bell rings and I am running kids from home to soccer and baseball practice for four or five hours. Before I tried TONI’s Hot Protein Meal, I would head out the door knowing I wasn’t going to eat for awhile and would grab a bag of Cheetos or some other unhealthy snack. I started eating TONI’s just before my afternoon drive to practice and I noticed how full I felt for hours. I also noticed that my jeans started fitting a little better too… goodbye to the bag of Cheetos and hello to TONI’s. I can put on the hot kettle and prepare it in under three minutes… my favorite is Cherry Chocolate, delicious! Thanks TONI’s for making this busy mom a happy one!

Richard M

“You are what you eat,” so eat healthy and clean. “BITE ME!” is more than a book of fantastic recipes; it is a book that will help you make a lifestyle change to eating healthy clean foods that taste good and are good for you.

I began my lifestyle change at age 63 and a very unhealthy 315 lbs. Initially I began using a low carbohydrate diet that was high in protein and fat. I was so out of shape that a 100 yard walk would have me out of breath, my hamstring muscles would burn. The low carbohydrate diet is not healthy or sustainable for long periods of time. After months on the low carbohydrate diet I lost weight but my body fat was a very unhealthy 31.3%.

Steve D

In 1992 I was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. I was attending college studying exercise physiology and nutrition while training and competing in triathlons. My carbohydrate-heavy diet was about to get a big overhaul!  Now I needed to balance carbohydrates with proteins, fat and fiber to stabilize my blood sugar; something the body prefers whether we have diabetes or not. Over the next few years I continued to compete in triathlons and road bike racing. Along the way I tried all sorts of products that promised to maintain a stable blood sugar.  Most were highly processed with a less than pleasant taste and texture. I sure wish TONI’S High-Performance Meals were available back then! It has everything I was looking for in a great tasting, healthy and easy to prepare product.

Fast forward a “few” years. I’m now a sports medicine operating room nurse with a few plates, rods and screws of my own (two broken hips and a more recent badly fractured lower leg). Healing and returning to CrossFit after a year and a half off is when I was introduced to TONI’S.These healthy meals are a great addition to help me heal from my injury and recover from my workouts. A balanced, nutritious and delicious whole food that I can count on to keep my blood sugar stable whether I’m at work or enduring an intense Crossfit workout. No matter what life throws at you, you can count on TONI’S Hot Protein Meals to keep you going!

Carlos M

I have been an athlete my whole life. I played D1 Soccer at Santa Clara University and went on to play pro soccer for two years after I graduated. I work in Silicon Valley in Corporate now. I have a healthy and active lifestyle. I still play soccer and golf, I love hiking, anything that keeps me moving. When I eat TONI’s Hot Protein Meal, I stay full for the next three hours. As an athlete I eat a lot, probably something like 4-5 times a day so that’s very good for me if I can last that long without another meal. I am so impressed by how much protein TONI’s has. Most, if not all protein meals contain only 4-5 grams per meal. When I am wanting to make sure I am getting the protein I need, I reach for TONI’s, especially on a busy morning. Usually to get that much protein in my system early in the day, I would have to wake up an hour earlier to cook a meal. Eating TONI’s saves me half the time! My favorite flavor is the Coconut Blueberry, I prefer to buy the Grab and Go mix packs because I like to have different flavors on hand to have more variety in my morning meal.

Bertrand N

Bertrand Newson is a father, San Francisco Hotel Executive, Marathon runner and Founder of Too Legit to Quit Fitness. Health and fitness is very important to this busy family man. Bertrand, participated in TONI’s Performance Trials to see how consuming a Hot Protein Meal during a two leg run would affect his energy and overall time. Bertrand told us that eating TONI’s Hot Protein Meal after his first and second leg gave him more energy than when he consumes his regular pre-race meal.

Overall, Bertrand said that the Hot Protein Meal tasted good, it was easy to prepare, he didn’t feel hungry and most importantly, it didn’t make him feel too bloated, an important factor when you need to focus on the race and not your stomach. The most interesting part of eating TONI’s during the Trial for Bertrand was how much energy he had during the second leg, something he wasn’t expecting and not typical for him at all. Bertrand also shaved off 1:47 seconds from his overall time on the 1.5 mile second leg when he included TONI’S prior to the trial. At the end of the workout, Bertrand felt really good and he still had energy to spare.

Bob A

I’m always interested in finding fuel that keeps on giving me energy. In Double Racing, it is even more important since it’s best not to run out of energy. I just discovered TONI’s Hot Protein Meals. I have been eating the meals and they work great for me, especially on the second leg of our races which demands a lot of endurance. TONI’s tastes great and is easy to make. My favorite is Coconut-Blueberry! It doesn’t get any better than TONI’s.