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Hylie T

I have competed in four CrossFit Games from 2013 – 2016, finishing in the top 7th overall for the 50-54 women’s division. When training for the Games, I have to make sure that my nutrition is dialed-in. TONI’S Hot Protein meals are an essential part of my daily nutrition. TONI’S offers a great protein/carb ratio that is sustainable throughout my training sessions. An added bonus is the delicious taste. I add coconut water to my Coconut Blueberry meal (my favorite TONI’S flavor!) which makes for a delicious and nutritious meal. Since I started including TONI’S in my daily routine, I recommend the Hot Protein Meals to all of my friends and clients that ask about sustainable nutrition.

Mike V

Toni has developed a fantastic product that I have made a part of my regular exercise routine for several years now. As an avid cyclist, I depend on effective time release energy sources in my diet. I regularly push myself past where your average rider might want to go and this product never lets me down. I would not think of starting any ride over 50 miles without having TONI’s Hot Protein Meal an hour before the ride. You will notice the big difference after three hours of hard riding. The energy is in your legs when you need it. Also makes great cookies you can snack on while you ride!

Kaileigh B

I love the flavors and how the high protein powers my workouts. TONI’S High Performance Meals keep me satiated through my workdays. And it’s so simple to make! My favorite is the sweet and creamy Coconut Blueberry!

Kyle W

TONI’s is the best! It tastes great and fills up your tummy. I like to eat it for breakfast or even for a snack. The protein is good for your body and it helps you stay full for a while. When the bag is empty it makes you want to cry.

Eduardo A

I am a Bay Area Tech Professional. I like to stay active (lifting, bikini, hiking) in my free time. I eat TONI’s High Performance Meal because it’s healthy, high in protein and it tastes great! When I eat TONI’s I am full for a good 2-3 hours, which is great for me! It’s delicious, convenient and satisfies my diet needs for a high protein breakfast. My favorite TONI’s flavor is the Coconut Blueberry which I like to buy in bulk because of the convenience. Thank you TONI’s for giving me a healthy option for breakfast that tastes great too!