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Toni's 7-day Detox

Toni’s 7-Day Summer Detox 2022

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In this seven-day guided workshop, you will work with me directly and learn how to support your body’s own detoxifying ability by creating a perfect environment for it to do its magic. Periodic cleanses are important so you can re-set your body—especially after the holidays—reducing bloating, restoring balance, calming your mind and learning new tools to let go of undermining behaviors and thoughts.

This is not your traditional detox program. I offer a natural, holistic approach, which considers not just your physical body, but also your mind (emotions and thoughts) and spirit that make up your whole person, which I refer to as the Total Package. It’s expansive, in that it will encourage you to care for yourself in a way that goes well beyond pure nutritional approaches. And, to assure you, it does not require any strange supplements or colonics!

Held in a supportive and loving space, my 7-day Detox workshop is a simple lifestyle program that you can implement for your entire life.

So, bring your favorite hot-beverage, comfy clothing and get ready to reset.

What you can expect:

  • During this week, you should not be hungry. You can eat the quantity of healthy foods you need to feel satisfied.
  • Within three days you will see a difference in your face, especially around your eyes, with decreased puffiness, and your energy level will start to improve.
  • Within four days you may notice improvements in toxicity symptoms you may be experiencing, such as fatigue, sinus congestion, headaches, bloating, heartburn, food cravings, water retention, joint pain, stress or an overactive mind.
  • Within five days you will feel slimmer, your tummy will start to flatten, your mind will be calmer as you feel more comfortable in your own skin.
  • Within seven days you will have discovered a new way at looking at your self-care, may have lost weight, and will feel slimmer, have improved concentration, established new habits you can continue with, and possibly improved your quality of sleep.


Saturday, July 9th @ 9am

The first session is virtual and live via Zoom. We will be laying the groundwork for your week. During this time, we will focus on:

  • Self-love, the Foundation for Self-care
  • The Physical, Mental and Spiritual Symptoms of Toxicity
  • 10 Essential Steps to Promote Detoxification Holistically
  • Eating Highly Detoxifying Foods
  • Breathwork and Exercises for Cleansing
  • Tools to Clear Negative Thought Pollution and Attract Positivity and Light
  • Meditations to Be Fully Present and De-Clutter Your Mind
  • Lifetime Membership to Forever Free, Unlimited Free Downloadable Content at


Sunday, July 17, 2022, 4pm-5pm

I will personally host this interactive call with an open discussion where you can share your experiences and revelations from the week. Here, I want to make certain all your questions are answered so you can continue on this elevated journey.

What You Will get in This Course

2 Interactive, Live Sessions with me ($250 VALUE)

I AM PURE 7-Day Meal Plan ($175 VALUE)

I AM PURE Detox Grocery List ($25 VALUE)

Course Certificate of Completion


BONUS: Toni’s Top Detoxifying Food List ($25 VALUE)

BONUS: Toni’s Top High Fiber Foods ($25 VALUE)

BONUS: Toni’s High Antioxidant Foods ($25 VALUE)

BONUS: Access to the recorded First Session (2 hours) so you can reference it in the future, or if you miss the first live meeting you can still participate! ($125 VALUE)


Total Value: $595

Introductory Price: $79

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