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Toni's Reviews

Powerful Healing Experience

I can’t say enough wonderful things about Toni. Her approach is warm, genuine and she leads with intuition which has helped me progress with my inner healing in a profound way. Toni is extremely knowledgeable in various methodologies and practices, combined with her intuitiveness and grounded connection with the universe and spirituality she is able to create a healing, regenerating environment that allows you to be vulnerable. I wept like a baby during my session and felt so much peace, light and love go through my body all at once. She met me with empathy, understanding and no judgement. So many of us carry pain and hurt and Toni truly loves humans and is eager to share her skills to help humanity heal and live life free of the bondage we hold ourselves captive to. I look forward to my next session with Toni. ♥️

Claudia Sandoval

Had a blast at the Wellness Event!

Toni was a wealth of knowledge and such a beautiful soul! Taking just a few minutes to ground ourselves and project intentional positive energy is super important in our daily lives and especially in the work that we do with the community. Thank you Toni for sharing your knowledge and love to the RCS family!


Rebekah Children’s Services

Resetting my eating habits

I love talking with Toni about nutrition and overall wellness. She is so passionate and knowledgeable that it shows up in everything she does. I just completed the 7-day detox plan, which was a complete program. Toni thought about everything to make this plan full of useful tips and provided directions on how to get prepare before, during, and after. I felt satisfied and energized. This program was beneficial for me as a reminder of good eating habits to take care of my family and me. Thanks, Toni, for sharing your gifts with everyone. You are such an inspiration!

Eleonora Tomasello

My First Step to Better Health

I was looking for a way to launch my start to better healthy eating lifestyle. Toni’s 7-Day Detox started me off in the right direction to learning how to eat better but more importantly improve my gut health. The pre 7-Day Detox meeting really helped. Toni is very supportive, she is full of nutrition knowledge and really cares about my well-being. During the 7-Day Detox I found myself sleeping better, really enjoying hydrating which is a plus for me, and I could see my gut health improving. I can’t wait to see what Toni has in store for me next for my Journey towards Better Health.

Cindy Smith

Never Too Late to Learn New Habits

I have been following Toni’s program for several years with great satisfaction. I found her detox plan to be a beneficial way to stay on-track and launch new habits. I have focused on improving my morning routine with the lemon cleanse, green tea and more hydration. I also enjoyed learning new recipes. I would definitely recommend.

Leslie Clark

Five Stars!

Julie Granger

Paul J McCrone

Paul J McCrone

Steve McDonald

Steve McDonald

Your Passion for Perfection is Obvious

Toni, great to see your products online and in the stores! I’ve tried all your products and love them all…the taste, results and energy enhancements!
Your hard work, countless hours, personal experience and passion for perfection definitely is obvious. R&D at it’s finest � �

Rafael Santiago Loera Sr.

No More Late Night Snacking for Me!

I am a fan for life – and these bars help me live my best life. I have been overweight for much more of my life than I have been fit. But as I turned 50 I started actually focusing on my health and not just my weight. Thanks to Coyote Valley Health and Fitness I met Toni at a health fair. I started regularly using her meal bars at night when I was at home recovering from my hysterectomy. (In full disclosure, my recovery was incredible due to laparoscopic procedure!) These bars really curb my sweet tooth with things that are good for me. With her balanced macronutrient eating philosophy, no more late night snacking for me! During the first months of quarantine I was so busy at work and not motivated at all to work out but I was still able to maintain my weight. There is not a single flavor I wouldn’t recommend but right now my two favorites are Chocolate Cherry Almond and Cranberry Orange Walnut.

Tracy Fowler

Smart, Fit & Female is a Great Book!

Great book for not only my ladies but also my gents…. on mind, body and soul health. Toni Julian
is passionate about her mission to help us navigate on how we can be our BEST. Great read!!!!!

Jan Corrie

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