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Welcome to this exclusive membership designed to be your souls second home. It’s a sacred space where together, we are co-creating VITAL SHIFTS, moving forward with passion and purpose, stepping fully into our uniqueness, our authenticity and our gifts. This is where we ascend into a new level of well-being and harmony, upleveling our vitality, our vibration and our health. Learn to tap into your own higher-wisdom, strengthen your awareness of your connection to source, encourage, inspire and support our soul connections in this group. Learn, grow and evolve–mentally, physically and spiritually! We are ready to welcome you into our beautiful and loving collective, with a big GROUP HUG!

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$77 per month or $777 for the year
(just the 28 scheduled events alone are valued at $2,100!)

ACT NOW! For a limited time only… Secure your membership for $59 per month or $590 the year.
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