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Conscious Living Mastery

Learn the 10 Commitments toward cultivating resiliency, optimizing your health, nurturing your body and discovering harmony in your life.

Create Your Foundation

An immersive experience to help establish a strong foundation of holistic purification and renewal, where the journey to a more vibrant and authentic self begins.

Navigating Three Pillars to Wellness

Take a deeper dive into intentional eating, food quality, and boundary mastery to reshape your relationship with food. (Pre-req is I AM PURE)

Elevate your Body and Soul with High Vibrational Living

This accelerated and immersive program will help you take your vitality to a whole new level. Manifest a powerfully radiant you. (Pre-req is CUT THE CRAP)

Navigating the Galaxy of Conscious Wellness

This cosmic odyssey delves into the realms of full holistic health. Bring in the profound power of love and light, and unlock the secrets to living a life of harmony. (Pre-req….SHINE LIKE THE STARS)

Exploring the Cosmos of High Vibrational Living

Treat yourself to a three-day immersive journey of mindfulness, sound healing and culinary alchemy. Pamper your mind and body, and discover a renewed sense of your souls potential. (No pre-req)

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