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Meet Toni Julian


Toni is an inspirational speaker, renowned integrative wellness expert, accomplished entrepreneur, author, spiritual thought leader and healer. As CEO of the Soul Potential Institute, she combines her gifts of intuition–as a certified Qigong, Reiki and Sound Healing practitioner–with her nutrition and fitness expertise for a holistic healing approach. She has also founded and owned seven successful businesses, recently selling her healthy food endeavor, Toni’s Kitchen. Toni has received numerous awards including the Top Woman of Influence from the Silicon Valley Business Journal and Businesswoman of Distinction, awarded by NAWBO (National Association of Women Business Owners). She is the primary benefactor, starting a scholarship fund for Rebekah Children’s Services’ Kneaded Culinary Academy, where she donates her time and resources to underserved youth. 

Toni Julian

Toni Julian, at 49, taking second place overall in body building in the Figure category.

Toni's Philosophy

After overcoming great adversity throughout her life–from abandonment, abuse, horrific car accidents, near-death experiences and divorce through neighborhood domestic terrorist attacks—Toni developed valuable insights into how to move through life with resilience and grace. Toni came to the realization that self-love is the foundation of self-care, and offers a holistic combination of mind-body-spirit integration in all her teachings. Her talks interweave science-backed research with ancient wisdom teachings–incorporating powerful techniques including energy work, meditations and sound healing with evidence-based findings. As a proponent of living a heart-centered, equanimous life, and valuing individuals for their uniqueness, she weaves in unifying messages to reinforce inclusivity, authenticity, self-love and compassion for others, as well as respect and stewardship of our Earth.

Who She Works With

Toni works with corporations and individuals, offering captivating keynotes, interactive workshops, engaging events and online courses to teach participants how to become more resilient and in touch with their own intuitive wisdom, to elevate their mental and physical well-being, prevent job burn-out and more easily adapt to life’s ever changing and challenging landscape.

She has shared her powerful and insightful teachings to companies including Pfizer, Jazz Pharmaceuticals, the U.S. Marine Corp Officer Candidate School, prestigious financial management companies, world-class athletes, West Valley College, high-schools and respected Alpha Kappa Alpha and Delta Sigma Theta sororities.

Teachings are available either in-person, virtually or as hybrid events.

She is an expert in the area of blood sugar regulation and believes people should “eat like a diabetic, so they don’t become one”.   

Toni’s Reinvention

After losing her best friend to pancreatic cancer, and surviving her early stage cervical cancer herself, Toni learned to master the physical. As a personal goal for her own transition to a healthier lifestyle, she pioneered a nutritional formula to help improve her body composition, resulting in shedding 14 pounds of fat while gaining six pounds of muscle within eight weeks. Within three months, she competed in her first body building competition at 48, tying for first place in the Sports Model category and taking second overall–against 20 somethings.  

Realizing this was just one element of a healthy lifestyle, she went on to develop her intuitive gifts, becoming spiritually aware, and dedicating her life to uplifting those around her.  As a result, she designed a new holistic program called 3-2-1, merging a healthy eating template, mindset and mental well-being, which she now shares globally. 

Toni Julian, bombed at Bikini Diva. The judges thought she was “too muscular”!
Toni Competes

At Home with Toni

Toni is a 60-something mom of four grown children and little dog Zoey. She loves creating healthy foods, hiking, elaborate cupcake decorating, meditating, communing with nature and growing delicate plants.

Toni with Family
"Toni Julian is passionate about her mission to help us navigate on how we can be our BEST. "
Jan Corrie

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