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Meet Toni Julian


Toni is a sports nutritionist, athlete, figure competitor and certified personal trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine. She was recently honored with the Women of Influence Award from the Silicon Valley Business Journal.

Toni Julian

Toni Julian, at 49, taking second place overall in body building in the Figure category.

Toni’s Inspiration

After losing her best friend to Pancreatic Cancer when they were both only 48, Toni gave up her marketing communications firm to help people live sustainable, healthy lives. For over 10 years, she has become the leading expert in crafting nutrition and fitness programs with one goal in mind; to improve body composition and sports performance endurance. 

Who she works with

Toni works with athletes and fitness enthusiasts, that want to ensure they are getting the healthy nutrition they need so they don’t run out of energy, and can be at the top of their game on a daily basis.

She is an expert in the area of blood sugar regulation and believes people should “eat like a diabetic, so they don’t become one”.   This same concept applies to sports nutrition and was proven through a performance trial comparing athlete’s own go-to-race meals against her uniquely designed protein meal solutions.

Toni’s Reinvention

As a personal goal for her own transition to a healthy lifestyle, she pioneered techniques to make changes in body composition and shed 14 pounds of fat while gaining six pounds of muscle within eight weeks. Within three months, she competed in her first natural figure competition at 48, tying for first place in the Sports Model category and taking second overall in Figure the same year.

Wanting to leverage her revelations, she authored the book BITE ME! Change Your Life One Bite at a Time, which made its debut at Barnes & Noble.

Toni went on to create {revive} fitness for women in their 40’s through 70’s and is celebrating its 11th year. In addition to her regular membership, she fully sponsors women in this program who are financially limited and experiencing depression, divorce or other debilitating experiences in their lives so they have a supportive, nurturing and healthy experience to give them confidence, hope and encouragement.

Toni Julian, bombed at Bikini Diva. The judges thought she was “too muscular”!
Toni Competes
Toni Products

TONI’S High-Performance Protein Meals (R)

After years of teaching people how to eat healthy, she decided to create grab-and go-meal solutions designed to solve the common problem of finding healthy food that is also convenient. Understanding how difficult it is for people to find protein, she founded Toni’s Kitchen LLC and created TONI’S High Performance Protein Meals. TONI’S is sold at health clubs, juice bars, specialty markets, online, and to companies throughout the U.S.

At Home with Toni

In addition to her nutrition and fitness business, Toni is an author, inspirational speaker and mom of four.

Toni with Family
"Toni Julian is passionate about her mission to help us navigate on how we can be our BEST. "
Jan Corrie

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