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I welcome you and appreciate our connection!

Perhaps you came to this page out of curiosity, or you were led here because of an alignment we have yet to explore. Either way, I am looking forward to getting to know you! In the meantime, feel free to read on if you’re interested in learning more about me.

Let's Journey Together

I have been on a journey, much like yours, where we are figuring out the delicate balance between how to fit in to the world around us, while we celebrate our authenticity and uniqueness.

But, being a human being on this Earth can be tumultuous, but it also exposes us to the raw, the emotional and the beautiful which can sometimes feel unsafe. As fellow humans we are connected as part of the collective, the one, the universal. It is here, I share with you my intent, and that is to hold a safe and sacred space for you to evolve along your journey; to fast-track your way to healing, abundance and the state of unconditional love for yourself and others. We can navigate life with ease, if we have the right tools and guidance. Like the bright North Star, we can reach our goals once we have achieved a path, a direction and clarity of purpose.

My Passion and Purpose

My purpose is to help make this world a better place. I am convinced the way to do this is to start within, focusing on ourselves so we can see the world be want to be part of, reflected back to us. I am completely equipped to guide you on this journey–to elevate your vitality, your vibration, and your health. I have nearly 20 years of experience and have coached thousands of individuals as an Integrated Wellness expert and medical intuitive; working at the cross-section between science and spirituality and creatively merging them for your highest good. I will often intuitively pick up on subtle energies, situations, or issues you may be experiencing and receive divine guidance in your best interest. Or I may direct you to your physician if I detect an ailment which needs medical attention. I will often utilize my gifts of intuition with energy work (Qigong or Reiki) or sound healing modalities (crystal sound bowls or tuning forks) depending on your needs. The work I do brings me much joy and I love providing educational tools to empower you to make your own, informed choices. To that end, I’ve authored three books; my most recent, Sacred Eating was divinely channeled and provides the perfect approach to a healthy mindset and a simple way of eating called 3-2-1, that will elevate your vitality, your vibration and good health.

My Business Side

I am a professional corporate speaker, a renowned integrative wellness expert, gifted medical intuitive, author and spiritual thought leader. I am the founder and CEO of Soul Potential Institute, launched in 2022. I am long-time entrepreneur, having founded seven businesses including a marketing communications firm, and an interior design and decorative painting company. Over the last two decades, after losing my best friend to Pancreatic Cancer and surviving a serious illness myself, I founded my nutrition firm, became a certified personal trainer and competed in natural body building competitions at nearly 50, and won! I went on to found a healthy food company, and as a food scientist, formulated balanced-macro, healthy protein oatmeal, granola clusters, meal bars and pancake mixes. The company was recently purchased and is still going strong.

My Personal Side

After overcoming great adversity throughout my lifefrom abandonment, abuse, horrific car accidents, near-death experiences, cancer and divorce, through neighborhood domestic terrorist attacks–I have developed compassion and insights into how to move through life with resilience and grace. I have come to the realization that self-love is the foundation of self-care, and have created and integrated tools into my life that I willingly share with others. I am a proponent of living a heart-centered, equanimous life, and valuing individuals for their uniqueness. I weave unifying messages to reinforce inclusivity, authenticity, self-love and compassion for others, as well as respect and stewardship of our Earth.

I have been called a humanitarian by many. I am fulfilled by connecting with all people and help them feel at ease. I am sensitive, focus on the state of being calm, grounded and centered. I am left and right-brained, so while I love the science behind what I do, I am also artistic, fun and quick-witted. I love decorating cupcakes with gorgeous designs, I nurture my little dog Zoey (mostly because I miss raising my four grown kids) and I enjoy weight-training and the healing effects of the ocean, and hiking in the mountains. I hold high values dear, but also dont judge others.

My Altruistic Side

As a survivor of childhood abuse and abandonment, my heart goes out to underserved youth with few opportunities. I have dedicated the last five years, as a primary benefactor, for Rebekah Children’s Services, located in the Santa Clara County, where I contribute by funding and teaching healthy lifestyle skills, nutrition, balanced eating and food preparation to the students at the Kneaded Culinary Academy.


I have received numerous awards including the Top Woman of Influence from the Silicon Valley Business Journal, and Businesswoman of Distinction, awarded by NAWBO (the National Association of Women Business Owners) of which, I am a longstanding member and former board member.

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