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BITE ME! Book Recipes

Guilt-Free, Gluten-Free Polenta Stuffing

NUTRITIONAL PROFILE: CAL-226/PRO-6/CARB-40/FAT-5/SAT-0/CHO-30/SOD-198/FIB-3 PERCENT CALORIES FROM PRO-10%/CARB-71%/FAT-19% This festive dish from my book BITE ME!, with it's complex flavors of orange rind, cranberries and a kick of Triple Sec, goes over well in my family--for those of us who...

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Your Nutritional Compass: How to Get Through the Holidays

It’s easy to allow ourselves to gradually get off course in our healthy eating habits during the holidays--those six critical weeks from Thanksgiving through New Year’s—when our willpower is tested and our nutritional standards slowly...

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