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No More Late Night Snacking for Me!

I am a fan for life – and these bars help me live my best life. I have been overweight for much more of my life than I have been fit. But as I turned 50 I started actually focusing on my health and not just my weight. Thanks to Coyote Valley Health and Fitness I met Toni at a health fair. I started regularly using her meal bars at night when I was at home recovering from my hysterectomy. (In full disclosure, my recovery was incredible due to laparoscopic procedure!) These bars really curb my sweet tooth with things that are good for me. With her balanced macronutrient eating philosophy, no more late night snacking for me! During the first months of quarantine I was so busy at work and not motivated at all to work out but I was still able to maintain my weight. There is not a single flavor I wouldn’t recommend but right now my two favorites are Chocolate Cherry Almond and Cranberry Orange Walnut.

Tracy Fowler

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