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I take fitness very seriously and my nutrition is an essential component of being the very best version that I can be. TONI’S High-Performance Protein...read more

Diane S

CrossFit Competitor

Out of all the food we buy for our office, TONI’s Hot Protein Meals are an employee favorite. Not only do we all like the...read more

Jason G

Silicon Valley CEO
San Jose, California

As a busy mom of three, I don’t always have time to grab a healthy protein packed meal. Most days, the school bell rings and...read more

Lisa W

Working Mom of three
San Jose, California

"You are what you eat," so eat healthy and clean. "BITE ME!" is more than a book of fantastic recipes; it is a book that...read more

Richard M

World Traveler
Fremont, CA

In 1992 I was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. I was attending college studying exercise physiology and nutrition while training and competing in triathlons. My...read more

Steve D

Steve Deal, 52 Registered Nurse
Moraga, CA

I have been an athlete my whole life. I played D1 Soccer at Santa Clara University and went on to play pro soccer for two...read more

Carlos M

Professional Soccer Player
now working in Corporate
San Jose, CA

Bertrand Newson is a father, San Francisco Hotel Executive, Marathon runner and Founder of Too Legit to Quit Fitness. Health and fitness is very important...read more

Bertrand N

Father, San Francisco Hotel Executive,
Co-Chairman TAJI 100 Fitness Charity,
Founder of Too Legit to Quit Fitness and Marathoner

I’m always interested in finding fuel that keeps on giving me energy. In Double Racing, it is even more important since it’s best not to...read more

Bob A

Founder of Runner’s World Magazine
and the Double Road Race Federation
Los Altos, California

I have competed in four CrossFit Games from 2013 – 2016, finishing in the top 7th overall for the 50-54 women’s division. When training for...read more

Hylie T

Four-time CrossFit Games Athlete
Top 7th overall in 50-54 women’s division

Toni has developed a fantastic product that I have made a part of my regular exercise routine for several years now. As an avid cyclist,...read more

Mike V

Ultra Cyclist and Outdoorsman
San Jose, California

I love the flavors and how the high protein powers my workouts. TONI’S High Performance Meals keep me satiated through my workdays. And it’s so...read more

Kaileigh B

Personal Trainer, Oregon

TONI’s is the best! It tastes great and fills up your tummy. I like to eat it for breakfast or even for a snack. The...read more

Kyle W

11 years old

I am a Bay Area Tech Professional. I like to stay active (lifting, bikini, hiking) in my free time. I eat TONI’s High Performance Meal...read more

Eduardo A

Silicon Valley, CA