We have been eating Toni’s meals for more than five years

We have been eating Toni’s meals for more than five years and love the taste, nutrition and convenience. I buy this to help feed our picky and hungry engineers and their favorite is coconut blueberry. I love how this fills me up and keeps me satisfied beyond lunch.

The high fiber content keeps me satisfied

They’re all delicious, but this is definitely my favorite! Who doesn’t love coffee and chocolate? The high fiber content keeps me satisfied for quite some time as well.

My breakfast every day

These meal bars are my breakfast every day, plus my go-to snack whenever I need a boost of energy between meals. The flavors are all delicious, but my favorites are coffee chocolate coconut and raspberry lemon macadamia with white chocolate drizzle – yum! Thanks for continuing to give us healthy options, Toni!

It keeps me full and the bad craving go away

The Meal Bar Variety pack is great because I like to eat a different one every time. My favorite is the coffee chocolate coconut! I like to eat one in the mid-afternoon when I start craving unhealthy snacks. It keeps me full and the bad craving go away. I highly recommend it!! Thank you Toni

Nutritionally packed bars that keep hunger at bay

Who doesn’t love change? The Meal Bar Variety Pack I put on recurring order so I always have the bars available! I take bars to the office, to the beach, and will again take them on airplanes once we travel by air again. These are nutritionally packed bars that keep hunger at bay. Thank you, Toni!!

Helps keep me full to curb my snacking temptations

I just love Toni’s Hot Protein Coconut Blueberry Meal…truth is, I am addicted! But seriously, it gives me a great start in the morning with the energy I need and helps keep me full to curb my snacking temptations when I am out and about. I enjoy the bulk version at home and have the to-go containers for work or travel!

Go-to breakfast

This protein oatmeal is my go-to breakfast. I literally eat it every morning. It’s delicious and easy to prepare. It’s really convenient to have pouches on hand for our family of five 5. So many great flavors, I don’t ever get bored! My every day favorite: Cherries and chocolate—swoon!!!

Enjoying for over a year

I have been enjoying all of the Toni High Performance Protein Meals for over a year. I never get tired of them because of the variety of flavors to choose from. One pouch will last me seven days. This meal gives me the energy for my morning workouts and keep me satisfied until lunch. I got smart and signed up for a recurring order so that I never have to worry about running out!

A Complete Healthy Meal

I am a bariatric patient and therefore need a lot of protein and low carb, low sugar. I’m also at the mushy stage of introducing food back to my smaller stomach. I have found a complete healthy meal with Toni’s Coconut Blueberry. Finally, something that tastes really good and I don’t have to feel guilty eating it!! So happy I found this!

GREAT WAY to kickstart your morning

I recently ordered the delicious Chocolate Peppermint Brownies…I have it before my 3 to 4 mile walks…and they give me great energy!!! And I “LOVE” Toni’s Protein Meals!!! My favorite flavor is Coconut Blueberry ❤ it’s a GREAT WAY to kickstart your morning!! Thanks so much Toni ❤