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The Humanity Project America: A More Conscious World Starts Within

In October of 2023, I felt a divine inspiration to launch The Humanity Project America. Guided by God, Source, my higher self, and the Universe, I received clear directives. I was told, “This is important,” to speak about our “personal responsibility,” and to “start next week.” So, the following Monday, I embarked on a mission to create a powerful and transformative movement for the highest good of our people, our planet, and all living things. This movement aims to co-create heart-centered, inclusive, and connected lives. Together, we can foster conscious communities, more conscious work cultures, and advance humanity positively. A more conscious world begins within each one of us.

Reflecting on my concerns about America, I realized that at our core, we are all good, aware, caring, and intelligent people. But being a good person isn’t enough anymore—the health of humanity requires us to be conscious humans.

This realization solidified my belief that my purpose is to help make this world a better place. With faith in this guidance, I rented a theater to share this vision and on January 21, 2024, I took the stage! I knew I wouldn’t be alone in this endeavor. My abundant and beautiful community of friends and clients offered immense encouragement and support. I am profoundly grateful to all of you.

Watch a short clip of the The Humanity Project Launch


Making a Difference

Many of us share concerns about what’s happening globally. Making this world a better place is no small feat. We are witnessing extreme contrasts, both the brightest lights and the darkest shadows, affecting our society. Some issues are homegrown, while others are universal. So where do we start? I believe in starting locally, within our communities, and within ourselves.

Through this movement, I have inspired so many to continue their personal journey of self-growth, so we can all become happier, healthier versions of ourselves—mentally, physically, and spiritually. It’s so fulfilling to hear people say, “Every day when I wake up, I look in the the mirror and say “I am awesome!”  and others share they recite the 10 Commitments, daily!

One person can make a difference. Some may doubt this, but adopting a defeatist attitude of “I’m only one person” is giving your power away. You are a beautiful bright light, and we need your light to shine on everyone around you. You can add your light to the many thousands who are already sharing theirs. We must decide—will we fall into complacency, or will we make an intentional decision about the path we want to take? This comes down to elevating our consciousness.

The Humanity Project America is based on founding principles called The 10 Commitments. When you put them into action, you can live to your highest human potential.

The 10 Commitments

The 10 Commitments will shape not only our individual reality but also our collective experience, creating the kind of world we want to be part of. These commitments include fostering a resilient mindset, elevating our health, living heart-centered, inclusive lives, celebrating our uniqueness, and becoming better stewards of our planet. Here, we adopt a higher, positive mindset and take responsibility for our thoughts, feelings, and actions.

As you read through these commitments, pay attention to the ones that resonate with you—don’t feel obligated to embrace them all. Some you may already practice, others may not seem important, and a few might ignite a spark of passion. To be successful, simply follow your passion, and that will lead to inspired action.

Each commitment is represented by an “I AM” affirmation. “I AM” holds you in the vibration of making it real. As you read through these affirmations, I encourage you to say them aloud, so you can feel their power.

1: I commit to developing my awareness of self and others.

2: I commit to finding positivity through adversity.

3: I commit to making the best choices available to support my mental, physical and spiritual health.

4: I commit to speaking my truth and being my authentic self. 

5: I commit to creating a connection between my head, my heart and my gut before taking action, making judgements or decisions.

6: I commit to connect with ALL people.

7: I commit to being fully available and present in my interactions.

8: I commit to protecting our Earth and all living things.

9: I commit to doing more things that bring me joy.

10: I commit to valuing myself for the awesome person I am. 

Download your complimentary 10 Commitments an I AM Affirmation Poster!

The Humanity Project America: The 10 Commitments

What You Can Do

If you are a business owner, CEO, or Human Resources Manager, we can help your company make a vital shift. I’ve taken this talk to the corporate stage and offer it to companies and organizations worldwide. For more information, visit

If you are an individual, and would like to become a more conscious, healthy human, learn more about joining my private community here.

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