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TONI’S Officially Launched at New Seasons Market

Toni’s OatMEAL is now featured at New Seasons Market in the Silver Creek Valley area of San Jose. Toni wanted to meet the demand of her growing clientele and offer convenient access for her local customers. The health-focused store is a good fit as it caters to people who understand the importance of eating high quality, whole foods.

Toni’s OatMEAL is being offered at introductory pricing for a three week period, beginning August 25 through September 20, 2015. She has recently introduced Grab and Go Cups and 7-meal pouches in all five flavors and wants to meet the needs of families who are looking for convenient foods that are healthy too.

My OatMEAL is unique in that it’s not your conventional oatmeal. It’s a complete meal, with a third the protein you need in a day, and easy to make. The good news is it doesn’t require cooking, just the addition of hot water so it’s incredibly easy to have a healthy meal in about two minutes.

The importance of Toni’s OatMEAL is that it helps to regulate blood sugar. Instead of eating pure carbohydrates, it’s designed to metabolize slowly, to keep people full and fueled for hours. The hidden benefit to this of course, is that when people are satiated and satisfied, they tend to eat less, have fewer cravings and can hit their goal of leaning down.

Delicious flavors include Sweet & Creamy Coconut-Blueberry, Crunchy Cranberry-Walnut, Savory Cinnamon-Raisin, Sweet & Spicy Ginger Apple-Raisin and her newest in the line-up, Tart Cherry Chocolate-Almond.

Sampling events will be taking place during the back-to-school season and everyone is invited to come by, try all the flavors and take advantage of the introductory, reduced pricing.

Sunday, August 30th  2pm-5pm

Saturday, September 12th 2pm-5pm

Friday, September 18th, 12pm-3pm

New Seasons Market is located at 5667 Silver Creek Valley Road in San Jose, CA

Unable to make these events? Order your five meal sampler cups online at

Toni Julian is a local health advocate and nutrition advisor, fitness expert, author of BITE ME! Change Your Life One Bite at a Time and creator of Toni’s OatMEAL. For more information visit

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