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TONI’S Protein Meals Expand to ClubSports Cafe’s

TONI’S High-Performance Protein Meals are now available in all California ClubSports gym cafe’s including Silver Creek, and Fremont, and the most recent addition, Pleasanton.

Now all ClubSports Citrus Fresh Cafe’s in California offer TONI’S healthy, hot protein options that provide their customers with hours of satiety. Most customers enjoy the convenience of a meal that is ready in just a couple of minutes after adding hot water. They can also be blended into a refreshing smoothie by adding almond milk.

Athletes love it because it gives them hours of sustained energy for sports endurance.

I take fitness very seriously and my nutrition is an essential component of being the very best version that I can be. TONI’S High-Performance Protein Meals have been a part of my healthy eating plan for almost two years. Packed with protein and healthy carbohydrates to help my body be prepared for rigorous training or recovery following long training sessions has become a regular addition to my routine! This complete meal keeps me fueled and full for hours!

| Diane Stuart, 3rd place CrossFit Champion 2017


Everyone else enjoys the satiety as it helps them stay full for around four hours so they eat less, improve their body composition, and lose weight, if that’s their goal.

Sample TONI’S at your nearest ClubSports,

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