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Habits to live life at the top of your game

“I KNOW what to do, why don’t I do it?”

An overriding struggle with my clients I encounter almost daily, is people KNOW what to do, they WANT to do it, yet they haven’t found a way to change undermining habits into good habits. Why is that?

Are foods too tempting? Are social pressures too high? Is that glass of wine after work calling your name. Have you waived the white flag of despair and given up on your nutrition, fitness and wellness goals because they seem too hard to achieve?

We often blame situations, other people or emotional turmoil—such as the loss of a job or relationship issues–for why we aren’t making the changes we need to, now! It’s understandable to want to delay, but frankly, there is no better time. There will BE no better time, than the present. Because feeling well, being vibrant and healthy, will equip you to cope with almost anything life can throw your way.

As a fellow human being who has experienced life’s triumphs and challenges– just like you have– I feel compelled so share a big “ah-ha” moment with you. You see, I’ve helped people make sustainable lifestyle changes for over 11 years now. And yes, you can do almost anything for a week or a month, but what makes that healthy habit stick? When they stick, you will be able to live life at the top of your game.

Three easy steps to hit your wellness goals:


Think of one small change you can make that will have the most impact on your well-being. For me, it was to stop drinking wine; it made me feel tired. It worsened my hot flashes and was creating a couple of extra pounds that made me miserable.


Think of a scenario where you were indulging in this habit, and it made you feel badly. This could be that the actual habit made you feel physically poor, that that awefull sugar high after eating a donut. Or emotionally upset, as in angry with yourself for not exerting the will power or decision-making that you know you’re capable of. To use myself as the example, the wine gave me a headache and I was angry that I had decided to stop but then succumbed to the pressures of friends.


Set your mind on your ultimate purpose in life. Then choose. Now you may not want to do this, but I challenge you: give yourself an ultimatum. Do you want to be your best version of yourself, live life at the top of your game? Would you rather continue with a habit that was undermining your ability to serve your higher purpose? Do you want to continue through life doing just okay, or do you want to make the absolute most of it? For me, I chose my purpose. And when I did, keeping my sites on elevating others so they can live to fulfill their purpose, gave me the power of conviction. It took me a week or so to hit an unwavering 100%, but I did it.

I hope this tip does the same for you.

Share this with friends who would like to create healthy habits that stick, and live life at the top of their game!

From my heart to yours,

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