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I’m Coming Out of the Spiritual Closet.

Hi, I’m Toni. Let me re-introduce myself.

You know me as my former self, as a personal trainer and nutrition coach. Confession: I used to get offended when my friends introduced me as a trainer. Not that there was anything wrong with the profession, but because after a short time, it no longer resonated with me.

A Stepping Stone

Helping elevate the health and wellness of others was always where my heart has been. I pivoted every ten years, creating new businesses through my spiritual journey, striving to find my elusive true gifts. I had learned the many deep layers of the science of nutrition. I could predict with 100% accuracy how much lean muscle I would gain over the next week, and lovingly held my client’s hands through their physical transformations. Then, by connection, help them reclaim their self-esteem, their energy, and their love for life, even reversing disease. At nearly 50, I competed in body-building competitions, and won. I had mastered the physical but something was still missing.

Learning Compassion

It wasn’t until about 10 years ago when my papa was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma, and I took care of him for five years until his transition, that I began to live more holistically. I lived heart-centered, with deep compassion, and developed sense of patience. This experience exposed me to the duality of trauma and beauty, leading to a deepening of my understanding of humanity.

Losing my father was the catalyst that opened my spiritual gifts. I needed to know there was more than the physical and starting receiving visions and words; a forewarning that potentially saved my life, a fine-tuned intuition, and spiritual divine guidance. My latest book, Sacred Eating, was channeled and contains information that is helpful for every person to feel their best by eating high-vibrational foods.

Embracing My Gifts

I am now not only a nutritionist but a medical intuitive, which means I can read a person’s energy, and peer into their body to uncover areas that need attention, love, medical intervention, or healing foods. Issues of concern, like allergies, inflammation, and anomalies, like high LDL or “moderate fatty liver” can make themselves known. I can see where the emotion and trauma is held, or the thoughtforms that want to make a person overeat. Also, I can see where clients are holding onto energy that is not their own, and hold a sacred space for releasing and healing. This has taken 10 years of learning, which included studying under some of the brightest, most talented, and most evolved spiritual teachers—plus tapping into my own abilities to connect to a much higher source of wisdom far beyond myself.

To be given these gifts is a blessing. And to receive them, I had to work through, peel away, release, and bring light to the many layers of trauma from years of childhood abuse and abandonment. It is worth having the courage; to look at my own false beliefs, programming, and all the other gunk that I was holding onto, that I thought made me feel safe in this world.

Hope for Humanity

Now, I live heart-centered, trusting in my intuition, and having faith that humanity can see its way through all the ill health, adversity, mental illness, inequities, and injustices that are occurring in our communities and throughout the world. I realize some may be skeptical about these gifts, or about the future of humanity itself. My suggestion is to keep your vibration high, focus on what you want to see in the world, rather than what you don’t, stay heart-centered and in the state of compassion, and have faith in the universe, knowing all is being created for the highest good.

If this resonates with you, and you feel would like to be a better version of you, feel free to explore your options here with a private session.

Love and Infinite Blessings,




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