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The Humanity Project America, Press Release


The Humanity Project America Launch Event: 10 Commitments to Make our World a Better Place

Toni Julian, CEO of the Soul Potential Institute, announces the much-anticipated launch of The Humanity Project America, a groundbreaking movement dedicated to fostering conscious communities and empowering individuals to lead heart-centered, healthy, and connected lives.

The launch event is scheduled for Sunday, January 21st, from 5-7pm at the Starbright Theater in Campbell, CA. Attendees will have the opportunity to witness the unveiling of this transformative initiative and gain insights into holistic wellness, meditation, and the development of intuition.

Toni Julian, renowned integrated wellness expert, author and and founder of The Humanity Project America, shares a deeply personal journey that led her to embark on this mission. Motivated by the loss of a dear friend to Pancreatic Cancer and her own battle with early-stage pre-cervical cancer, Julian delves into the profound impact that holistic wellness, meditation, and intuitive development had on her life.

During a moment of relaxation, Julian received a divine vision prompting her to create The Humanity Project America. With a subtle yet compelling message emphasizing the importance of personal responsibility, Julian felt a calling to address societal issues, starting with local communities.

The Humanity Project America aims to be a transformative movement for the highest good of people, the planet, and all living things. It seeks to create conscious communities where individuals co-create a life of purpose, celebrating uniqueness, promoting physical and mental health, and becoming better stewards of the planet.

“As we embark on The Humanity Project America, I believe that by fostering conscious communities, embracing personal responsibility, and co-creating a life of purpose, we can illuminate the path towards a brighter, interconnected world. It’s not just about being a good person; it’s about being a conscious human, inspiring others to join us on this transformative journey toward a healthier, happier, and more harmonious existence.” – Toni Julian, CEO of Soul Potential Institute

The launch event promises a VIP appetizer reception, an inspirational talk by Toni Julian, and a Q&A session. Attendees will gain insights into the 10 Commitments that can shift perspectives and impact lives positively. These commitments will empower individuals to become more aware, resilient, balanced, and healthy, fostering a sense of interconnectedness.

Beyond the launch event, The Humanity Project will offer various programs and workshops to support individuals on their self-improvement journey. The Humanity Project Challenge, a 10-day virtual and live experience, and the I AM PURE course, focusing on emotional and physical purification, are just a glimpse of the transformative offerings planned for February.

Toni Julian encourages a shift in mindset, emphasizing the power of one person to make a difference. The project aims to inspire individuals to take personal responsibility for their thoughts, feelings, and actions, creating a ripple effect that contributes to positive change in society.

Living a life of purpose and self-actualization, according to Julian, is key to making the world better. The Humanity Project seeks to help individuals live to their highest human potential, embracing authenticity and using their unique gifts to contribute to a better world.

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