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About the Recipes

About the Recipes

All the recipes you need for the week are in your downloadable 7-Day Detox Meal Guide and you will find every recipe listed in your Table of Contents so you find it easily.

As a food scientist and nutrition coach, I have designed them all to be high-vibrational, macronutrient balanced, anti-inflammatory, and of course, detoxifying. And, as an added bonus I spent the extra time to create nutrition facts panels so you can be informed about the nutritious value of each of the recipes.

What are High-Vibrational Foods?

Albert Einstein once wrote “Everything in life is a vibration.” We are vibrational, energetic beings and therefore we require energy in the form of food, along with air and water, to survive. Everything in life resonates with a vibrational frequency, including our food. It’s this life force energy, replenishing, revitalizing and nourishing every cell in your body and elevating your own vibration.

Imagine yourself walking into an orchard and you pick a pear off a tree. The pear is high vibrational; it is alive, and as close to mother nature and to its original source as possible. But think about if you open up a can of fruit cocktail; it’s been so processed and is so far from its original source that the fruit doesn’t even have any color left in it. The only color remaining is the artificially colored maraschino cherry. The food is essentially dead; it holds no vibration and because of the extensive processing and packaging, has lost many of it’s nutrients.

High Vibrational Foods

High vibrational foods are as close to the original food source as possible, and what we should emphasize in our diets to stay healthy. They include fresh, organic fruits, vegetables and whole grains, and healthy fats like avocado oils.

I place all foods fall into three general categories, ranked high, mid and low vibrational, and are described in the visual below, and in your Detox Meal Guide. Food vibrations are affected not only by it’s type, and how close it is to source, but how it is prepared and how it’s stored. Your detox program and recipes are created primarily by using high-vibrational foods with some mid-vibrational as needed. The goal is to eat about 70% high vibrational foods, and 30% mid- vibrational foods whenever possible, during this cleanse and beyond.

Below is a pyramid of foods, with the highest vibrational foods in the green top band, and the lowest vibrational in the smaller, red band.

Mid-Vibrational Foods

These are not of the highest vibrational foods, but perfectly fine to incorporate and to round out your healthy diet. They include humanely treated chicken and wild caught fish, and minimally processed foods such as packaged goods and frozen foods made with healthy, whole, natural ingredients. I have a saying “Frozen is fine but fresh is best”. When it comes to fruits and vegetables, frozen foods are nutritionally equivalent, and still contain the plants “essence”.

Low Vibrational Foods

These are foods that are far from their original food source, including canned, overly processed, with artificial ingredients, added sugars and saturated fats. All foods in this low vibrational category are to be omitted or avoided and include foods like doughnuts, candy, wine, beer, hard alcohol, all fast food, vegetable oils, snack foods, and red meats.

Macronutrient Balanced Foods

The recipes in your detox are also macronutrient balanced. Balancing your macros will help you to perform so much better physically, cognitively and energetically. The secret to success lies in the formula of simply eating the right foods, in the right amounts, at the right time—what I call macro-balanced meals. These are meals that combine high-quality lean protein, complex carbohydrates, and healthy fats in specific proportions.

Macronutrients are nutrients your body needs in large amounts, and those are:

  • Proteins
  • Carbohydrates
  • Fats

PROTEINS primarily are used in the formation and maintenance of muscle. Protein is also the foundation of a strong immune system.

CARBOHYDRATES are used for energy for your body and most especially for your brain. If you’ve ever been in a brain fog when on a diet, then you’ll understand the importance of carbohydrates and how they affect your ability to fuel your brain so you can think clearly.

FATS play a key role as well, providing protection around your vital organs, insulating you from the cold, and is an organ designed for storing energy. Each of us needs at least 20 pounds of fat on our bodies to perform these important roles.

Enjoy exploring the next three lessons featuring lists of my top anti-inflammatory, detoxifying and high-fiber foods as a resource.

IMPORTANT TO REMEMBER: If you have any food allergies or aversions, do swap out ingredients for foods that are similar in nutritional value or in the same macronutrient category; for example a lean protein (chicken) instead of a different source of lean protein (cod).

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