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The Macro Tag Index

The Macro Tag Index is a great reference tool for helping to decide which recipes to use. All recipes throughout the Sacred Eating book, are categorized into several basic categories; they include:

  • Complete Balanced Macro Meal
  • Lean Protein
  • Complex Carbohydrate
  • Healthy Fat
  • Lean Protein & Complex Carbohydrate
  • Complex Carbohydrate and Healthy Fat
  • Lean Protein and Healthy Fat
  • Free

You can then decide which recipes to make, based on which combinations will make a balanced macro meal. For example, if you chose the Balanced Macro Meal, you don’t need to make or eat anything in addition to it.

However if you decide to select a recipe that falls into the Healthy Fat category, then you will need to add a Lean Protein and a Healthy Fat to make it a completely Balanced Macro Meal.

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