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Death and Dying
On Death and Dying – Part 2


Toni Talks Humanity Matters Podcast Cover
Toni Talks
On Death and Dying - Part 2

Part 2

Welcome to Humanity Matters where we delve into deeply human topics with the intention to create meaningful connections, elevate our awareness, open our minds, and improve our wellness. So collectively we can reach our highest potential.

Toni Julian is here with special guest Frederick Marx, that she has been following, and supporting for several years now. He’s been called the Steven Spielberg of documentary. He’s an Academy and Emmy-nominated filmmaker, most known for Hoop Dreams, and has worked in the film industry and the television business for 45 years. His latest film, Veterans Journey Home, highlights solutions for veterans to realize productive civilian life. His previous feature documentary, Journey from Zanskar features the Dalai Lama with narration by Richard Gere.

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