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Resolution Reboot Event 2020

There is nothing quite like the Resolution Reboot Event!

Join me for sampling our healthy new meal solutions and listen in during my talk about how to make sustainable changes this upcoming year.

At this annual event, aimed at helping you make this your healthiest year yet, you will have access to 20 health and wellness vendors all in one room.  No need for searching for experts online and scheduling individual appointments which takes great effort and time.

Every vendor will present to the audience how they can help with your overall health & well-being so you can easily select the vendors of your choice. The time you invest on January 31st will get you clearer on the next step to take in your own wellness journey.

You will walk away informed and better educated with the contacts, business information, and tips for your best year yet.

Every vendor is carefully selected not only because they have cool businesses, but also because they are stellar humans who are passionate about helping you thrive.

This is a once a year unique event so buy your ticket today for the Resolution Reboot Health and Wellness Event on January 31st.  at the Allied Arts Guild in Menlo Park. 

Last year Michelle DeWolf @ The Festive Table launched the inaugural Resolution Reboot event to wild success. 16 vendors and a sold out event. Raffle prizes will be available at every table and as we plan, more surprises to come.

What is the schedule and what does the event cost?

See below on the ideal way to get the most from Resolution Reboot and take advantage of this SPECIAL LIMITED OFFER! Check out the different ticketing options for your best day.

  1. Venue only from 11 am to 3 pm: $25 ticket advance purchase $30 at the door.
  2. Health Coaching and Venue: $45 in advance.  $50 at the door.
  3. Coaching, stretch class, venue and healthy food, 10 am to 3 pm. : $100

       ONLY 20 special $100 tickets set aside that will get you all of the following:  

1) Coffee, tea and breakfast snacks at the Coaching Workshop with Michelle DeWolf

2)The amazing Kinstretch class like you have never done before with the folks at Progressive Motion Physical Therapy.

3) A prepaid healthy box lunch

4) Full access to our vendors & experts

5) Opportunity to win raffle prizes with 5 extra tickets.

6) Expert talks

Be part of the Resolution Reboot Revolution. LEARN MORE!

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