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1 Day Before Starting

You are off to a great start and I honor your commitment and hold a sacred space for you to eat healthier, starting tomorrow. You should have all your ingredients Read More »

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10 Tips to Detox Naturally

Drink Clean Water – Drink plenty of clean water! We are electrical beings and water is the conduit for all our cells to communicate and fire. Water flushes our bodies Read More »

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10 Ways to Avoid Toxins

Check your water supply for chemicals and drink live spring water. Drink out of glass or stainless-steel containers Use body lotions free of perfumes and chemicals On busy freeways, reduce Read More »

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2 Days Before Starting

Make Space to Bring in the New! To me, nothing feels better than to create space to bring in what is new and good for ourselves. That can be holding Read More »

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3 Days Before Starting

Because this is self-paced, you have the benefit of taking whatever time you need to prepare. The next few lessons will give you tips to move forward seamlessly. Some helpful Read More »

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About the Recipes

About the Recipes All the recipes you need for the week are in your downloadable 7-Day Detox Meal Guide and you will find every recipe listed in your Table of Read More »

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Accumulating Toxins and Toxic Load

Accumulating Toxins Toxins come from a variety of sources, including our environment, our nutrition, biological (coming from our own bodies) and in the products we buy, and apply. Just think Read More »

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Activity – Grumpy Pants

Do you sometimes find yourself wearing your grumpy-pants? When you are feeling low-vibrational as you go through your day and as situations occur, are you finding your once-sunny good mood Read More »

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Activity – How to Make the Perfect Smoothie

Check out my smoothie videos on YouTube. I talk about the ingredients and how to blend the perfect smoothie. Please be sure to like and subscribe!

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