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Activity – Planet Earth Detox Meditation

My passion is to help elevate people so they can find their path, their purpose and their gifts, and to show up in the world in a beautiful way. In my personal life, I am becoming more aware of the need for purity–for cleansing–within ourselves, in our collective interactions with each other, and how we take stewardship of our Earth—in essence step up my personal responsibility around all those aspects.

As part of that cleansing process, wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could take back all the negative things we thought and said about ourselves and others, energetically?

This guided meditation will help us to recycle all the thoughts and ideas that you personally have put out into the collective consciousness. Whether they are thoughts of frustration, disappointment, anger, fear, violence, or any other negative thought—whatever they may be–we are going to use our imaginations and envision a large wrecking ball in front of us, magnetically attracting any energies you put out, We ground them into the center of the earth, so Mother Earth can transmute them into positive energy.

This meditation was channeled to me, and I was shown what my negative energy actually looked like. The best I can describe it is if you would imagine someone taking a spray bottle of black ink and spritzing it into the air and they become floating and suspended cloud-like formations. As I was meditating on this the first time, I thought the 10 minutes of meditation time would remove all my negative thought pollution. Now you may think as I did, “I’m a good person”, I probably didn’t put much out but no! I thought I was finished, and my guides said “no, there’s more”.

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