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Hope with Domestic Abuse Survivor September Burton Part 1


Toni Talks
Toni Talks
Hope with Domestic Abuse Survivor September Burton Part 1


September fled from an abusive marriage to a high-powered attorney, losing her home, her money, and her children. She shares her story about what transpired to lead her to living in hiding, and her journey of hope, of healing and reclaiming what is rightfully hers. This podcast is a great listen for anyone who has the right to assert their independence, opinions and be treated with respect. That would be everyone. Toni and September discuss:

  • The range and types of abuse that exist in our society
  • How to develop a support system
  • The signs of abuse and how to recognize them
  • Tapping into our dreams
  • Hope = Confident expectations

I apologize in advance for the poor sound quality and have done our best to correct it. The content is important to share and hope it may at least somewhat outweigh the compromised listening experience. Thank you for continuing to listen in.

~ Toni

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