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BITE ME! is more than a book about nutrition. Toni shares her inspirational story of reinvention to a healthier lifestyle through proven techniques that you can use for life. Her program is based on incremental changes that are sustainable, rather than deprivational or fad diets. Toni shares her savvy insights to help you improve your body composition, manage your weight, balance your blood sugar, stave off disease and improve your energy! Get through challenging social pressures, and with over 50 recipes, learn easy food hacks to make healthy and delicious snacks and meals for you and your family.

“I’ve had the opportunity to meet and interview a lot of local authors and personalities. But rarely do I find someone as passionate and true to their cause as Toni! She is an individual who leads by example and truly cares about helping others change their lives. It is her compassion that has led her to successfully transform the lives of thousands of people! Toni is true to her a word, a follower of her own advice, and a force to be reckoned with. A contagious positive attitude and genuine passion for health and fitness make her one of the best in the industry!”
Ramona Gwargis, Times Media Inc.


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