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Chakra Balance | Private Experience


This private, in-office experience helps balance your chakras, keeping them healthy and aligned. You will be guided through a grounding and chakra-balancing meditation, you can record and use anytime, then an intuitive assessment so sense where you are out of balance. The way I chakra balance is unique; using sound frequency, intentions, crystals and guiding the flow of energy, allowing you to stay heart-centered, while accessing your thinking and your intuition. You will relax on our comfortable massage table, while the combination of Solffegio tuning forks and chakra crystals will be used to balance, restore, and rejuvenate each chakra into perfect alignment. This is a 45-minute session. Dress comfortably and enjoy!

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Important disclaimer: Reiki, sound healing and energy sessions DO NOT take the place of medical or psychological advice from your physicians. Please do consult with your physician for all medical and mental health-related advice.

Cancelation Policy: 24 hour notice is required to cancel or postpone without forfeiting payment. For Monday appointments, notice must be given by the previous Friday, prior to the scheduled appointment time.




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