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Humanity Matters
Humanity Matters


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Toni Talks
Humanity Matters


Toni Talks podcast delves into the areas where you can make the most positive impact for a happier, healthier life and in a sustainable way. From your nutrition, fitness, spirituality and embracing your unique gifts to improving how you look, how you feel and how you show up in the world.

As a former natural figure competitor at age 48, and now a 60+ entrepreneurial mom of four, host Toni Julian is the accomplished author of BITE ME! Change Your Life One Bite at a Time, and continues to walk the talk. She is passionate about sharing insights into transformative and effective wellness strategies, proven techniques, resources, tips and tools, to improve body composition, stave off disease, improve quality of life and lift the human spirit.

With an unadulterated, authentic and caring presence, host Toni interweaves decades of experience, poignant personal stories and scientifically based evidence, to support you on your journey so you can live life at the top of your game.

Enduring a childhood of domestic terrorism, abuse and abandonment, she overcame almost insurmountable personal challenges–having a squashed spirit, PTSD and out on her own at 16 without support–reinventing her life and is an inspiration for overcoming adversity and an advocate for personal empowerment. Her positive attitude and genuine passion make her one of the top leaders in the nutrition and fitness industry. She inspires others to move through life with grace regardless of what life throws at us, because humanity matters.

Toni is the owner of Toni’s Kitchen, LLC, a healthy lifestyle company, and the creator of TONI’s Protein Meals®.


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