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Pea Protein: Are you the one for me?

Pea Protein: Are you the one for me?

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Toni delves into the topic of what every body needs on a daily basis, and that’s protein! This podcast is focused on the popular plant-based, pea protein and how it compares against dairy-based and other plant-based protein powders. You’ll learn if pea protein is considered to be a complete protein and based on a recent study, which protein powders are the most bio-available.

  • 00:00 Pea protein as an alternative
  • 04:15 What makes pea protein a good choice to consider?
  • 05:25 How pea protein is different from whey protein
  • 07:05 What is a protein isolate?
  • 07:23 Which protein powders have the most complete essential amino acid profile
  • 11:40 Incorporating customized plant proteins into Toni’s healthy lifestyle company
  • 13:20 Importance of quality proteins and being proactively healthy

Toni Julian

Toni Julian is a nationally renowned health advocate, sports nutrition and fitness expert, and accomplished author of two books; BITE ME! Change Your Life One Bite at a Time and Smart, Fit & Female: The Busy Woman’s Blueprint for Looking and Feeling 10 Years Younger. She is a 60+ entrepreneurial mom of four and has founded six companies, the first while in college. NASM trained, Toni competed in natural figure competitions and tied for first place in the open Sports Model category at close to 50. Her research in the areas of sports nutrition, body composition, blood sugar regulation and satiety fueled the launch of her healthy lifestyle company--Toni’s Kitchen—and creating hand-crafted High-Performance, Hot & Cold Protein Meals® and Protein Meal Bars. She was named a Top Woman of Influence in Silicon Valley by the Business Journal for her strides in business, altruistic community service work and helping her father transition with dignity during a five-year terminal illness. Visit ToniJulian.com/shop.

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