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High-Vibe, 7-Day Detox


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Toni’s High-Vibe, 7-Day Detox is a self-paced, virtual course designed to give you a quick total mind-body-spirit reset in just seven days. You will have an opportunity purify your body, release some excess weight, de-clutter your mind and elevate your energetic vibration. This enhances your intuitive abilities, connection with your high-being, and sets you on a positive path.

This workshop takes a holistic, integrated approach and is based on whole, high-vibrational and detoxifying foods. When you elevate your food, you elevate your entire being. You do not need to purchase meal plans, and it is easily adaptable to any diet. Toni Julian uses a combination of video, audio, downloadable material and beautifully-produced, guided meditations to help you on your journey.

Your guided detox includes the following:

  • Meal Plan at a Glance
  • 18 Detoxifying, Simple Recipes
  • Mindset and Meditation Tools
  • Detox Experience Journal
  • Inspiration and Fun!

And as an added bonus, your FREE 40-page Detox Meal Guide is included!
You will have access to this content for as long as you need, and can come back for refreshers throughout your experience, and beyond!

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